Introducing MADE FOR THIS podcast, sharing the stories of the most interesting people in equestrian and sport horse competition, thoroughbred racing, and across the horse industry. Season One kicks off with Lauren Lambert, 4* Eventing Rider and Trainer based in Wylie, Texas. Founder of Fantastique Equestrian at Gold Chip Stables, Lauren sits down with Anthony Koch […]

Senior Horse Feed: Not Just for Older Horses

Senior Horse Feed: Not Just for Older Horses Don’t dismiss senior horse feeds as “only for older horses.” Because high-quality senior horse feeds are typically highly palatable, nutrient-dense, fiber-rich, and easy to chew and digest, they can be a good choice for horses of any age with particular health needs. Chewing issues Horses of any […]

Changing Season, Changing Nutrition

Fall brings more than vivid colors and cooler temperatures; it also brings changes to your horse’s nutritional program. Reassess grazing While pastures may still look fine, the grass doesn’t contain the same level of nutrients or energy as it did in the spring. In addition, fall grazing comes with the possibility of your horse ingesting […]

Choosing a Horse Feed: Textured Feeds vs. Pellets

How do you decide what to feed your horse? Sure, you know you need to supply plenty of forage, clean water, and access to salt. But when it comes to a horse’s diet, that’s almost never enough. A horse feed or balancer provides the vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat needed for optimal nutrition. Need help […]

Prep Now for a Healthy Winter

Many horses tend to lose weight over the winter. While this isn’t necessarily worrisome, you may want to consider transitioning your horse to a high-calorie feed in the next month or keeping his body condition in prime shape. Be sure to evaluate his body condition now, and continue monitoring it regularly, so you can implement […]

Feeding During Summer’s Swelter

Horse Feeds: Which is better? Here in Kentucky—and across the United States—we’re in the hottest part of summer. This time of year, sticky, molasses-based equine feeds can attract unwanted insects, making pelleted (⅛”) feeds (or cubes, ½”) an attractive alternative. If you’re considering transitioning to a pelleted feed, we have a few suggestions, based on […]

Crafting Premium Racehorse Feeds

Premium Quality As we inch closer to this year’s Kentucky Derby, we want to congratulate all the horses, riders, and trainers earning their way to one of the year’s most anticipated racing events. We applaud your commitment! So much work goes into qualifying for this prestigious event—including developing the optimal nutrition program to fuel these […]

Late-Summer Equine Nutrition

Summer Pastures Summer’s heat brings two concerns to equine nutrition programs: drought-affected pastures and loss of electrolytes. We want to discuss some of the options available to ensure your horse’s good health. Drought-affected Pastures For many states, late summer brings lots of sunshine and little rain. This combination can lead to an equine nutrition issue: […]

Nutrition and Your Horse’s Health

Horse Health: Nutrition Basics Many factors—including nutrition—play a role in your horse’s overall health. As a company that has dedicated itself to equine nutrition, we’d like to share some information on how the proper nutrition program can help your horse stay happy and healthy. Tying up: Try a Low-Starch Horse Feed High levels of starch […]

Donkey Dos and Don’ts

Feeding Donkeys Donkeys are growing in popularity as pets, even here in Kentucky, home of the Horse Capital of the World! Because donkeys look so similar to ponies, their owners may think Hallway Feeds is a good option to ensure they get all the nutrition they need. However, donkeys and ponies are very different—with different […]