Stallion Nutrition

Nutrition Needs for Stallions With the breeding season upon us, you may be wondering about the nutrition your stallion will need to thrive over the next few months. While all horses are individuals, and you’ll need to consider your horse’s unique situation, we have some general advice for a healthy breeding season.   Body Condition […]

Do You Need a High-Protein Horse Feed?

Do You Need a High-Protein Horse Feed? Protein is a key nutrient in building and repairing tissue. Therefore, many people assume they need a high-protein horse feed if their horse is competing—or even working hard on a farm. While the amount of protein your horse needs will depend on his age and level of activity, […]

High-Quality Colostrum: Essential for a Foal’s Health

High-Quality Colostrum: Essential for a Foal’s Health Foaling season is upon us! If you have a pregnant mare, you’ve spent almost a year monitoring her diet, body condition, and overall health to make sure she has a healthy foal. As she approaches the end of this pregnancy, it’s important to help ensure she’ll produce high-quality […]

Winter Horse Nutrition

Winter Horse Nutrition As winter settles in, many horse owners face a similar issue: what to feed their horses when pastures are frozen, and hay may not be as accessible or fresh as they would like. Can you forgo forage in favor of an all-grain diet? Of course not. We do, however, have a few […]

What to Feed Horses for a Healthy New Year

Happy New Year! If you’re making resolutions to ensure your horse enjoys a healthy 2020, we’ve got some suggestions for you to consider. Start with BCS A crucial first step is to assess your horses’ body condition. Body condition scoring gives you an overall picture of body fat, which can help you determine an appropriate […]

Preventing Impaction Colic

Water: Essential in the Winter Horse Diet For horses around much of the country, winter means a switch from fresh pasture to hay, as well as less daily work/exercise. This one-two punch can lead to impaction colic, which is a painful blockage in the horse’s gastrointestinal tract. However, a well-managed horse diet—along with an effort […]

Do Calming Feeds for Horses Work?

Do Calming Feeds for Horses Work? If your horse seems “high strung,” there could be a few factors at play. For example, if he’s getting less exercise now that it’s cold, he may have excess energy, and turning him out may help settle his behavior. However, it’s possible that diet can also play a role […]

Where to Buy Horse Feed, Even When You Travel

Where to Buy Horse Feed, Even When You Travel It’s the “off-season” for most sport horses here in Kentucky, which means many equine athletes and their trainers are moving south for winter competitions. As you work out the logistics of your new surroundings, you may wonder where to buy horse feed. Fortunately, you can likely […]

Why Cheap Horse Feeds Cost More

Cheap Horse Feed: Does It Really Save You Money? There’s no question: caring for horses can be expensive. The gear, the training, the grooming—it adds up quickly. While some horse owners may think choosing a cheap horse feed will help their budget, they often discover it ends up costing them more. Determine Nutritional Needs When […]

Finding the Best Senior Horse Feed for Your Horse

Finding the Best Senior Horse Feed for Your Horse A horse’s nutritional needs change throughout its life. By the time they turn 20, they’re generally considered a “senior”; it may be time to re-evaluate their diet and determine the best senior horse feed for their needs. Determine Body Condition Of course, not all senior horses […]