Feeding During Summer’s Swelter

Horse Feeds: Which is better? Here in Kentucky—and across the United States—we’re in the hottest part of summer. This time of year, sticky, molasses-based equine feeds can attract unwanted insects, making pelleted (⅛”) feeds (or cubes, ½”) an attractive alternative. If you’re considering transitioning to a pelleted feed, we have a few suggestions, based on […]

Crafting Premium Racehorse Feeds

Premium Quality As we inch closer to this year’s Kentucky Derby, we want to congratulate all the horses, riders, and trainers earning their way to one of the year’s most anticipated racing events. We applaud your commitment! So much work goes into qualifying for this prestigious event—including developing the optimal nutrition program to fuel these […]

Late-Summer Equine Nutrition

Summer Pastures Summer’s heat brings two concerns to equine nutrition programs: drought-affected pastures and loss of electrolytes. We want to discuss some of the options available to ensure your horse’s good health. Drought-affected Pastures For many states, late summer brings lots of sunshine and little rain. This combination can lead to an equine nutrition issue: […]

Nutrition and Your Horse’s Health

Horse Health: Nutrition Basics Many factors—including nutrition—play a role in your horse’s overall health. As a company that has dedicated itself to equine nutrition, we’d like to share some information on how the proper nutrition program can help your horse stay happy and healthy. Tying up: Try a Low-Starch Horse Feed High levels of starch […]

Donkey Dos and Don’ts

Feeding Donkeys Donkeys are growing in popularity as pets, even here in Kentucky, home of the Horse Capital of the World! Because donkeys look so similar to ponies, their owners may think Hallway Feeds is a good option to ensure they get all the nutrition they need. However, donkeys and ponies are very different—with different […]

Choosing a Senior Horse Feed

Many senior horses tend to put on weight over the summer when easy-to-chew grass is readily available; they then lose weight once the grass stops growing. This is fine—it generally won’t harm your horse’s overall health—but we have some suggestions to ensure your older horse gets the nutrition he needs year-round. Senior Horse Feed Nutrition […]

Vitamin E: A Key to Horse Health

As we navigate our way back to normal, your horse may be exercising more or working harder. This causes oxidative stress, which produces free radicals, which in turn weakens cells and tissues. Antioxidants, like vitamin E, help fight against these free radicals, making vitamin E an essential nutrient in your horse’s diet. Vitamin E for […]

Countdown to Keeneland!

As a Lexington-based business, we feel a special kinship with Keeneland, the famed racetrack just around the circle from our feed mill. So we’re thrilled that Keeneland’s plans for a Summer Meet have been approved by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC). Racing at the Summer Meet The five-day event is scheduled for July 8-12, […]

Nutrition: The Ultimate Conditioner

Condition Through Nutrition Whether you have a horse on the thin side who needs to put on weight, are prepping a horse for sale, or have an athletic or show horse who needs optimal muscle tone and topline development, you may be in search of the best conditioning horse feed out there. While there are […]

Do Summer Pastures Mean You Need to Change to a Low-Calorie Horse Feed?

All About Low-Calorie Horse Feeds Is access to plenty of pasture affecting your horse’s weight? From low-calorie horse feed options to dry lot turnout, we have some advice to help your horse maintain a healthy body condition through the summer. Strive For a Healthy Condition Although the general recommendation for a horse’s body condition is […]