Do Summer Pastures Mean You Need to Change to a Low-Calorie Horse Feed?

All About Low-Calorie Horse Feeds Is access to plenty of pasture affecting your horse’s weight? From low-calorie horse feed options to dry lot turnout, we have some advice to help your horse maintain a healthy body condition through the summer. Strive For a Healthy Condition Although the general recommendation for a horse’s body condition is […]

Racing is Back in Kentucky!

Hooray for Race Day! After an uncertain spring, news about the Kentucky Derby being pushed back to September, and the postponement (or possibly cancellation) of both the Preakness and Belmont, we are excited to learn that Thoroughbreds are set to start racing in Kentucky again. A Return to Racing While this year’s season will look […]

Weight Gain, Muscle Development, Horse Feed, and Sales Prep

The Brass Tax of Sales Prep Even though recent events have changed the upcoming summer and fall sale schedules, it won’t be long before your yearlings pass through the sales ring. If you have questions on how to prepare your yearling, we’d like to share some information and recommendations, including whether or not you need […]

Choosing a Feed for Weanlings

As we inch toward summer, it’s getting to be time to wean some of the foals born in January or February. We want to share some strategies and equine feeds that can help achieve healthy, sustainable growth while minimizing the risk of developmental orthopedic disease (DOD). When to Wean Generally, foals are weaned somewhere between […]

What to Feed Horses When Training is Halted

Has Your Training Stopped? This has been a spring unlike any other. While many racehorses and other professional horse operations continue to train, other trainers and horses have had to pump the brakes on their regimens. This has many owners wondering what to feed their horses. What to Feed Horses: The Basics When people ask […]

What Ingredients Go into the Best Senior Horse Feed?

The Best Senior Horse Feed: What’s (in) the Scoop? The grass is greening up, which is good news for senior horses. Fresh grass is more comfortable to chew and digest than hay, so if your older horse lost weight over the winter, he might be on his way to gaining it back. To ensure he […]

High-Performance Horse Feed

High-Performance Horse Feeds and Electrolytes Whether your horse competes in racing, reining, jumping, polo, or eventing, you likely have an intense training regimen in place. Help fuel that regimen with the nutrients from a high-performance horse feed, along with necessary electrolytes to maintain proper fluid balance. High-Performance Horse Feeds Every horse has unique nutritional needs, […]

Racehorse Feeds

Racehorse Feeds: Made for Performance Our home state, Kentucky, is known for thoroughbred racing. It’s an important piece of our heritage, and at Hallway Feeds, we have a passion for fueling these equine athletes. So we’ve put a lot of research into crafting the very best racehorse feeds. If you’re trying to decide which racehorse […]

Determining the Best Horse Feed this Spring

Best Horse Feed With spring approaching, now is an excellent time to evaluate the feeding program you have in place for your horse. His needs—and therefore, the best horse feed for him—may change for a variety of reasons, including: • The availability of more abundant pasture • An increased level of work/activity • Returning home […]

A Proud Equine Feed Supplier for 50+ Years

Hallway Feeds: The Equine Feed Supplier When Mr. Bob and Mrs. Bonnie Hall started Hallway Feeds in 1964, they couldn’t know the vital role their company would play in fueling future equine athletes. What they did know was they wanted to build a company that horse owners and breeders could rely on for a quality […]