Senior Horse Feed: Not Just for Older Horses

Senior Horse Feed: Not Just for Older Horses

Don’t dismiss senior horse feeds as “only for older horses.” Because high-quality senior horse feeds are typically highly palatable, nutrient-dense, fiber-rich, and easy to chew and digest, they can be a good choice for horses of any age with particular health needs.

Chewing issues

Horses of any age may have to deal with dental problems, including malocclusion, missing teeth, or root abscesses. Additionally, a horse may suffer from a jaw fracture, tongue injury, or abnormality of the pharynx and/or larynx. Any of these issues can make chewing a challenge. Because many senior feeds are formulated to be easy to chew, they can be a nutritionally sound choice for horses facing these maladies.

Digestive issues

Horses suffering from bowel inflammation, or whose digestive systems aren’t properly absorbing nutrients, may benefit from a top-quality senior horse feed. These feeds are generally made to be highly digestible. They tend to have higher concentrations of key nutrients, making them a great option to ensure that a horse gets the necessary nutrition for optimal health.

Hard keepers

Senior horse feeds tend to be energy-dense; this can be advantageous for horses who have a hard time maintaining weight.

After surgery for colic

While mild colic may resolve on its own, severe cases can require surgery. Should this happen to your horse, he will require nutritional support to return to top form. One thing he’ll need is plenty of fiber. Of course, much of this can come from forage; however, many of the best senior horse feeds are formulated with a high percentage of fiber, making them a solid suggestion for a horse in recovery—no matter what his age.

Our top-recommended senior horse feeds

We are always happy to discuss specific recommendations for your individual horse(s). When it comes to senior horse feeds and the specific nutritional support they offer, we generally suggest Distinguished or Fibrenergy.

Distinguished is a textured feed formulated with 19% fiber and has a highly concentrated source of essential nutrients. This unique formula was specially created for senior horses and horses with specialized needs; as such, it is easy to chew and digest.

Fibrenergy is another one of our textured feeds. Extremely palatable, it’s made with highly digestible forms of fiber-like beet pulp and chaff (chopped timothy and alfalfa hay). It’s fortified with Stamm 30, to ensure the right mix of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

In addition, we recently introduced HandiMash, which is a hydrating mash. While not necessarily a “senior” product, its texture makes it easy to chew—one of the qualities of a senior horse feed. HandiMash is formulated with super-fibers (good for digestion) and electrolytes (to replace those lost through excessive sweating). Horses who may benefit from this supplement include horses in heavy work, horses undergoing stressful events such as travel, and pregnant mares pre- and post-foaling.

Veterinarian checking a brown horse's teeth.