Summer Swelter: Dealing with Anhidrosis in Horses

The hot climate of the southern United States can exacerbate anhidrosis in horses—that is, their inability to sweat. Short of moving north, what can you do to help a horse suffering from anhidrosis? Let’s break it down. What is Anhidrosis in Horses? Anhidrosis in horses (like in humans) is a decreased ability to sweat when […]

Selling a Horse: Success Begins with Quality Nutrition

A lot goes into getting a horse ready for sale. Buyers will be looking at many factors including size, condition and coat—all of which are affected by nutrition and exercise. From foals to weanlings to yearlings to mares and stallions, we know plenty about supporting a horse’s health throughout its life with quality nutrition. And […]

Reining Horses Take Center Stage

NRHA Derby Lets Reining Horses Take Center Stage With the Belmont Stakes behind us, horse enthusiasts like us are turning their attention to the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Derby. While major thoroughbred racing events focus on speed, the NRHA Derby showcases a reining horse’s athletic ability to run specific patterns willingly guided with precision, […]

Equine Nutrition: Specialized Feeds for Specialized Needs

As we transitioned to focusing on equine feed, we committed ourselves to creating the very best product we could possibly put together. We knew that meant more than just using the highest quality ingredients; it meant keeping up with the research to know what types of ingredients would best fuel a horse—whether that horse was […]