High-Performance Horse Feed

High-Performance Horse Feeds and Electrolytes

Whether your horse competes in racing, reining, jumping, polo, or eventing, you likely have an intense training regimen in place. Help fuel that regimen with the nutrients from a high-performance horse feed, along with necessary electrolytes to maintain proper fluid balance.

High-Performance Horse Feeds

Every horse has unique nutritional needs, but generally speaking, high-performance horses require enough calories to power through their training, along with the protein, vitamins, minerals, and fat needed to support muscle function and immunity.

We recommend high-performance horse feeds like these:

  • Stamm 30: Our highly concentrated source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals can be fed as a “top dress” to maximize your performance horse’s nutrient fortification.
  • Race 13: We custom-crafted Race 13 to maximize a horse’s athletic ability; it provides a variety of energy sources for both a physical and mental edge.
  •  Fibrenergy: Our super-premium high-performance horse feed is custom-crafted with optimum levels of soluble fibers and oils to provide long-lasting and controlled performance.
  • MuesliMax: Specifically formulated with the performance horse in mind, offering high energy to the high-performance equine.

The Need for Electrolytes

As the weather warms up and training intensifies, it might be time to consider adding electrolytes to your horse’s nutrition program, in addition to free access to a salt source.

Horses lose electrolytes when they sweat, which can lead to diminished performance due to dehydration, muscle stiffness, lethargy, and colic-like symptoms. In high heat and humidity, horses in hard work can lose as much as 4 gallons of sweat an hour; therefore, replenishing electrolytes is an essential part of a high-performance horse feed program.

Hallway Feeds HydraBoost

Our premium-quality electrolyte supplement, HydraBoost, was specially formulated for high-performance horses. Made with sodium, chloride, potassium, and magnesium, HydraBoost helps horses recover from exercise sooner by helping maintain the correct fluid balance in their system.

To determine how much HydraBoost to incorporate in your horse’s diet, you need to figure out how much they’ll be sweating. Of course, that will depend on how long your horse is exercising, how intense his exercise is, and how hot and humid it is while he’s exercising.

• For horses in light work/exercising at low intensity, we recommend feeding one scoop of HydraBoost per day.
• For horses in medium work (including competition and endurance training), we recommend feeding two scoops per day.
• For horses in heavy work/exercising at high intensity, we recommend three to four scoops per day.

HydraBoost can be fed before, during, or after the horse’s workout for most horses. However, for the horse in heavy work, we recommend feeding HydraBoost about an hour or so before they start work and after every 60 to 90 minutes of work.

Increase Water Intake

Naturally, water is an essential part of the high-performance horse feed diet. This is even more important for horses who consume electrolytes, as those electrolytes will make the horse even thirstier.

Although ice-cold water may sound refreshing to you, the water you supply your horse should be cool (not icy) and clean.

Determining Your Horse’s Needs

If you need any help deciding the right high-performance horse feed for your horse, as well as his need for electrolytes, contact us. We’d be happy to help ensure your horse is primed for competition.

High-performance horse feeds is a staple of Hallway Feeds product line.