Edge Technology

Every equine athletic discipline entails its own set of physical and mental requirements. Whether it be intelligence and acuity, staying power, or extreme strength, the products developed incorporating edge Technology are designed very simply to enhance competitive focus. It provides all the nutritional tools to ensure fitness and state-of-the-art nutrient enhancement to guarantee that we fortify the diet to maximize every athlete’s genetic potential.

Products incorporating edge Technology are formulated using “super-fibres” which have the unique ability to provide readily accessible forms of digestible energy, equivalent to 90% the energy of oats. Readily digestible fiber sources are complemented by the addition of vegetable oil, which is 2.25 times more dense in energy than cereal grains. Therefore, oil and fiber replace traditional cereal grains, thus altering the “spike” of glucose measured after consuming cereal grain-based feeds. Trading cereal grains for higher levels of fat and fiber creates a friendlier digestive environment, avoiding problems often associated with the stress of the training regimen. Research studies and, most importantly, practical field applications have continually proven that edge Technology is the high-performance horse feed for the high-performance equine athlete.

Horses consume these diets at the same rate as traditional diets, depending upon the level of activity and body condition of the competitor. The highest quality macro ingredients, bioavailable sources of magnesium, proteinate micro-mineral supplementation, a proprietary blend of yeast cultures, selenium yeast, and a natural source of supplemental vitamin E all play a role in assuring that products formulated using edge Technology optimize the opportunity to achieve desired results continually.