Do Calming Feeds for Horses Work?

Do Calming Feeds for Horses Work?

If your horse seems “high strung,” there could be a few factors at play. For example, if he’s getting less exercise now that it’s cold, he may have excess energy, and turning him out may help settle his behavior.

However, it’s possible that diet can also play a role in this behavior. We want to help you understand “calming” feeds for horses so you can discuss your options with your vet.

Calming Feeds for Horses: The Basics

Overall, a calming diet is high in fiber that the horse’s digestive system will slowly ferment in the hindgut. Think pasture, hay, and chaff.

On the other hand, food that’s digested in the small intestine and elevates blood sugar levels should be minimized. Things like oats, corn, and molasses fall under this category. While these foods are not bad for a horse, they can contribute to excitable behavior; calming feeds for horses generally don’t contain an abundance of these ingredients.

Finding Calming Feeds for Horses

To complement the pasture/hay/chaff portion of your horse’s diet, look for a “non-heating” feed formula. Many of these will include low-sugar ingredients like beet pulp and/or vegetable oil. Beet pulp is an energy-rich source of digestible fiber, while vegetable oil adds calories and can benefit both the skin and coat.

Protenza: A Calming Feed for Competition Horses

Horses who compete need energy (calories). Even though they get plenty of exercise, they can still be challenging to handle, and calming feeds for horses may offer some benefit. For example, a calorie-dense yet non-heating formula like Hallway Feeds Protenza has the optimum levels of soluble fibers and oil for long-lasting energy release—along with the calorie boost a performance horse requires.

Prep 14: A Calming Feed for Bloodstock

If you’re preparing horses for the sale ring, you may want to consider Hallway Feeds Prep 14. With 20% more calories than conventional sweet feeds, our energy-dense feed helps increase body condition and weight. This formula contains a highly digestible blend of fiber and fat, making it one of our favorite calming feeds for horses; it’s also fully fortified, so you don’t need to worry about adding supplements.

Fibrenergy and Distinguished: Calming Feeds for Active Senior Horses

If a horse has been retired from competition or breeding but is still active, his “high strung” nature may benefit from calming feeds for horses. We recommend a non-heating feed like Hallway Feeds Fibrenergy or Distinguished, which are formulated with super-fibers and vegetable oil; our calorie-dense feeds provide long-lasting energy release.

A Note on Feed Changes

Before changing your feed, we recommend you talk with your vet or one of our customer service specialists. Also, remember that whenever you change feed, it’s best to do so gradually.