Where to Buy Horse Feed, Even When You Travel

Where to Buy Horse Feed, Even When You Travel

It’s the “off-season” for most sport horses here in Kentucky, which means many equine athletes and their trainers are moving south for winter competitions. As you work out the logistics of your new surroundings, you may wonder where to buy horse feed. Fortunately, you can likely find your favorite Hallway Feeds formulas in feed stores throughout Florida, the Carolinas, and Texas. If not, don’t worry—we have ways to make sure you get your Hallway Feeds.

Stick With the Quality You Trust

Moving to a new location is no time to switch up your horse’s feed. He’s already dealing with enough change, and continuing to provide him with the feed he’s familiar with can help ease the transition. In addition, sudden diet changes can lead to colic or laminitis.

Another important consideration: if you’re planning to compete in the winter shows, you need to guarantee that your feed is free of any banned substances. Our high-quality feeds are all made in a medication-free facility to avoid accidental contamination.

To Stock Up or Not Stock Up?

Whether you’re traveling or staying home this winter, we recommend only keeping a couple weeks’ worth of feed on hand, to ensure freshness. If you are headed to a new locale for the season, you may want to buy just a little bit more, in case something unexpected comes up and you can’t get to the feed store right away. You will want to do a little research ahead of time to see where to buy horse feed in your new city.

Where to Buy Horse Feed: Easier Than You Think

We want to make your transition to your winter home as easy as possible, so we have a feed store locator on our website. Just visit http://hallway.wwbtc.com/find-retailer/ to search by ZIP code, city or store name. Once you arrive in your new city, you can even use your phone’s or computer’s location finder. We’ll let you know the closest feed store, along with directions and a phone number.

Where to Buy Horse Feed in Florida

If your horse will be competing in Florida this season, you’ll be happy to know that Hallway Feeds products are available in feed stores across the state, including St. Augustine, Tampa, Ocala, and Wellington.

Where to Buy Horse Feed in the Carolinas

Competing in the Carolinas? You’ll be able to find Hallway Feeds in Aiken, SC, and Waxham, NC.

Where to Buy Horse Feed in Texas

If you’ll be in Texas with your horse over the winter, you’ll find Hallway Feeds in Aubrey, Celina, McKinney, Gainesville, Sanger, and Denton.

Still Have Questions?

Is no store close enough to your new location? Don’t worry, we may still be able to help. Reach out to the Hallway Feeds team at info@hallwayfeeds.com or give us a call at 800-753-4255; we’d be happy to help you locate a convenient feed store.

Wishing You a Successful Season

Good luck to all our customers competing this winter. We hope having our feeds available in Florida, the Carolinas and Texas makes your transition a little easier, and wish you all the best for the season.


Where to buy horse feed

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