Racing is Back in Kentucky!

Hooray for Race Day!

After an uncertain spring, news about the Kentucky Derby being pushed back to September, and the postponement (or possibly cancellation) of both the Preakness and Belmont, we are excited to learn that Thoroughbreds are set to start racing in Kentucky again.

A Return to Racing

While this year’s season will look different—an abbreviated Spring Meet, no spectators, for the time being, horses from different regions returning to Churchill Downs under a phased approach—the athleticism and the excitement will remain. As always, we know many of the racehorses will be fed by Hallway Feeds, and we are proud to fuel their training.

What Kind of Racehorse Feed Fuels a Champion?

Winning takes training, commitment, and energy—lots of energy. Therefore, premium racehorse feeds are going to provide finely tuned sources of energy.

Traditionally, energy comes from carbohydrates, AKA, the starch, and sugar in cereal grains. However, research has shown that super fibers, including beet pulp and soy hulls, can also provide energy in an equine digestive system in a friendly manner. Beet pulp, in particular, provides a sustained energy release that won’t spike the horse’s glucose level.

Racehorse Feeds Recommended by Hallway Feeds

Hallway Feeds has been custom-crafting racehorse feeds for decades and earned a reputation for success. So what racehorse feeds do we recommend? It depends on the individual horse, but overall, here are our top suggestions:

Race 13: Research-backed Race 13 provides energy from beet pulp and vegetable oil, along with traditional cereal grain sources, and is enhanced with Stamm 30, a nutrient-rich blend of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Fibrenergy: This racehorse feed provides a long-lasting, slow energy release with a combination of beet pulp, soy hulls, and oil. Fibrenergy is also fortified with Stamm 30 and is designed for racehorses experiencing tie-up issues and benefitting from a feed without any grain included.

Prep 14: This energy-dense racehorse feed gives your horse 20% more calories than conventional sweet feeds. Like Race 13 and Fibrenergy, it is fortified with Stamm 30, but can be used to build body condition and clean up a coat even during the most strenuous and stressful training regimens.

Stamm 30: Our highly concentrated source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals can be fed as a “top dress” for racehorses who need to max out their nutritional fortification.

If you’d like advice on which racehorse feed would best suit your horse’s particular needs, please give us a call. We’re always here to help!

Racehorse being led to the track by a pony horse.

Photo Credit goes to Joe Bacigalupo