A Proud Equine Feed Supplier for 50+ Years

Hallway Feeds: The Equine Feed Supplier

When Mr. Bob and Mrs. Bonnie Hall started Hallway Feeds in 1964, they couldn’t know the vital role their company would play in fueling future equine athletes. What they did know was they wanted to build a company that horse owners and breeders could rely on for a quality product.

A Heritage of Quality

Mr. Bob and Mrs. Bonnie knew that as an equine feed supplier focused on premium feed, Hallway Feeds would need to focus on quality ingredients. The Halls have always insisted on using only the finest ingredients; they found the best way to ensure they were buying high-quality grains, oils, and molasses, were to develop long-term relationships with suppliers. Today, Hallway Feeds continues to foster these relationships. Our suppliers know our high standards, and they are as committed to quality as we are.

The Creation of Custom Formulas

Hallway Feeds found a way to differentiate our feeds further when long-time customers began asking us to create “performance feeds.” We have always invested in research for feeds, and around the time we were asked to formulate a performance feed, we were learning about ingredients that could help equine athletes.

We became one of the earliest equine feed suppliers to use research-backed ingredients in our feeds, custom-blending formulas to suit the different needs of sport horses, racehorses, and breeding horses. Today, our formulas are known for innovations like Buffered Mineral Complex (BMC), which improves gastric health, hindgut health and bone density, and Edge Technology, which fuels the horse with needed energy without the insulin spikes associated with cereal grains.

Dedicated to Success

In addition to our commitment to top-quality, research-backed ingredients, we’ve always believed in maintaining industry-leading facilities. Our current production and distribution center use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure consistency, that our customers can rely on. We’re in complete compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) standards, and our facilities are 100% medication-free. Customers know they can trust our feeds to contain exactly what we say they contain—nothing less, nothing more.

Still Handshake-operated

Since the beginning, we’ve believed in the strength of relationships. That goes for the relationships we have with our suppliers, with our customers, and within our company. Maybe it comes from being the only family-owned and operated equine feed supplier in the U.S. Or perhaps it’s just part of the HALLway. But we put just as much energy into establishing and maintaining connections as we do into developing the very best custom horse feeds.

An Equine Feed Supplier Known for Results

Many top breeders and trainers around the world trust their horses’ nutrition programs to Hallway Feeds. We’ve fed champions from many of the most prestigious competitions, including the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont, Dubai World Cup, Pegasus World Cup, and Breeders’ Cup.

We proudly partner with programs that value the importance of nutrition in developing top-quality horses, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how our feeds may suit your horse’s needs. We invite you to give us a call and join our family of successful horse farms. Contact us today!


Mr. Bob & Mrs. Bonnie; equine feed suppliers to greatness.