A highly concentrated and digestible source of protein, vitamins and minerals


AllPhase® is a highly concentrated and digestible source of protein, vitamins and minerals appropriate for growing horses, broodmares, stallions, performance horses and pleasure horses. This pelleted feed is formulated to provide balanced and required levels of micronutrients at a low intake, such as 1-2 pounds per day.

AllPhase is fortified with KER micronutrients to include natural-source vitamin E, chelated trace minerals, B vitamins, biotin and organic selenium.  All-Phase allows for feeding program flexibility.

Easy Keepers

Use as a source of supplemental nutrition for individuals that maintain desired body condition on forage alone or very low quantities of grain (<2 pound/day). When used as directed, All-Phase provides easy keepers with the necessary protein, vitamins and minerals without excessive caloric intake.

Metabolic Problems

AllPhase is appropriate for use as the sole feed in the ration of horses that require a low-calorie, low-starch fortified diet such as horses with a history of obesity, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and laminitis. Additionally, All-Phase may be used in diets for horses with HYPP, either as sole source of nutrition or in combination with straight cereal grains such as oats.

Developmental orthopedic diseases

AllPhase may be used to develop a reduced-calorie fully fortified diet for growing horses suffering from developmental orthopedic diseases such as physitis, contracted tendons and Osteochrondrosis.

Additional fortification

May be used in combination with other fortified feeds to increase the nutrient concentration in the rations of horses consuming less than the recommended intake of those feeds.

Feed with straight grains

Balances nutrient profile of cereal grains (oats, barley, etc.) and forage for horses of all classes and ages. Simply replace a portion of the grain with the recommended daily intake of AllPhase to fortify the diet.

Feeding Instructions

AllPhase is designed to be fed in combination with forage with or without unfortified cereal grains and at a rate of 1-2 pounds per 1,000 pounds of body weight per day, depending on the intensity of the work, and size and body condition of the horse. When fed with a small amount of another fortified feed, less may be required. Always provide clean, fresh water and high-quality hay.

  • Easy Keepers
  • Ponies
  • Metabolic Problems
  • Low Calorie Feed
  • Low Starch Feed
  • Diet Balancer
Nutritional Analysis
148 PPM
1.95 PPM
435 PPM
17700 IU/LB
325 IU/LB
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