Equine Nutrition: Specialized Feeds for Specialized Needs

Specialized Feeds for Specialized Needs

As we transitioned to focusing on equine feed, we committed ourselves to creating the very best product we could possibly put together. We knew that meant more than just using the highest quality ingredients; it meant keeping up with the research to know what types of ingredients would best fuel a horse—whether that horse was a Thoroughbred training for elite races, a quarter horse preparing for a career in reining events, a horse working on a farm, a prized stallion in the breeding shed, or a lifelong companion on the farm past its prime and no longer ridden.

What we discovered was that we didn’t want to just keep up with the research. We wanted to lead the way in equine nutrition.

Partnering for Success

We’ve formed research partnerships with Kentucky Equine Research (KER) and with top universities across the United States. These collaborations in equine nutrition have led to innovative feeds and supplements that support a horse’s overall health while providing the proper nutrients to reach their potential.

BMC: Three Benefits in One Ingredient

One breakthrough in equine nutrition we’re especially proud of is Buffered Mineral Complex™ (or BMC, as we like to call it). KER studies prove that BMC can help improve gastric health, hindgut health and bone density. Made from specially selected bioavailable minerals, BMC is used instead of limestone to provide calcium and serve as a buffer in a horse’s stomach and large intestine. Reducing acid in the stomach helps ward off gastric ulcers; lowering acid in the large intestine helps prevent hindgut acidosis.

You can find BMC in many of our feeds, including Fibrenergy®, Race 13®, Prep 14®, MuesliMax®, Protenza®, Equibility®, and Stamm 30®.

Edge Technology: The Energy Advantage

We’re also happy with the Edge Technology we’ve developed to enhance competitive focus and maximize genetic potential.

Edge Technology replaces traditional cereal grains with “superfibers” and vegetable oil. The superfibers provide readily accessible forms of digestible energy (about 90% the energy value of oats). The vegetable oil is 2¼ times more energy-dense than cereal grains. This research-backed combination creates a friendlier digestive environment and helps reduce the glucose spike that occurs with cereal grain heavy meals.

This advantage in equine nutrition is especially helpful for equine athletes, and is found in our RG 14, Protenza®, Poize®, Equibility® and Edge 14 feeds.

Stamm 30: Concentrated Nutrition

Many trainers and breeders are familiar with Stamm 30®; it’s almost like a multi-vitamin in equine nutrition. This highly concentrated source of proteins, vitamins and minerals can benefit foals, weanlings, yearlings, gestating mares, lactating mares, breeding stallions and performance horses. Stamm 30 is pelleted, and can be fed with grains, mixed with sweet feed, fed as a “top dress” or fed alone, depending on a horse’s nutritional needs.

Premium Feeds, Whatever Your Need

While research and innovation are two of the hallmarks of Hallway Feeds, they aren’t the only things we put into our feeds. Proper equine nutrition requires quality ingredients. Our nutritionists have chosen the natural ingredients horses need, like premium oats, beet pulp, corn and soy oil, to create custom feeds designed to fuel your horse through its regimen, whether that’s for training, working or breeding.

We make these feeds in our state-of-the-art facility, then package it and send it out to the feed stores or directly to our customers. We must be doing something right; we’ve fueled two Triple Crown winners among our 13 Kentucky Derby, 11 Preakness and 9 Belmont Stakes Champions.

Not sure which feed is right for your horse? Our customer care team can help you determine which feed is best suited to your horse and its specific nutritional needs.