Choosing a Sport Horse Feed

Sport Horse Feeds


We’re often asked what feed we recommend for sport horses. The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution; each horse needs to be evaluated for their individual needs. However, as a company that has spent years researching and custom blending feeds, we understand what goes into making a premium sport horse feed that can fuel results.


What kind of ingredients should a premium sport horse feed have?

Sport horses need ingredients that support stamina/endurance, muscle mass, and focus. Therefore, top-quality sport horse feeds will include fiber, fat, protein, and a mix of vitamins and minerals.


What sets Hallway Feeds sport horse feeds apart?

At Hallway Feeds, we incorporate our Edge Technology into many of our sport horse feeds. Edge Technology replaces cereal grains with a combination of “super-fibers” and vegetable oil to provide a dense, yet readily digestible, form of energy. It also diminishes the “spike” of glucose that cereal grains can cause. This research-backed blend of fat and super-fibers creates a friendlier digestive environment to enhance competitive focus.


In addition, our sport horse feeds are fortified with Buffered Mineral Complex (or as we tend to call it, BMC). This is another one of our research-backed formulations, and it has been shown to improve gastric buffering capacity, hindgut buffering capacity, and bone density.


What should I feed my sport horse?

As is the case for all horses, forage should be the basis of the sport horse’s diet. We recommend feeding a minimum of 1.5 percent of his body weight per day (or about 15 pounds of forage for a 1000 pound horse).


Of course, different types of forage will vary in the nutrients they provide. For example, legumes like alfalfa and clover contain more protein and calories than grasses. However, grasses tend to contain more fiber than legumes. Knowing what type of forage your horse is consuming will help you determine what nutrients to look for in a feed.


Recommended Feeds

We make a variety of sport horse feeds, and our equine consultants can help determine which one is right for your horse’s needs. Here are a few of our favorites:


  • Fibrenergy: A grain-free, low-starch and sugar textured feed that provides a significant boost in calories over conventional sweet feeds. Its soluble fiber and oil give your horse a long-lasting, slow energy release for controlled performance. This is going to keep the weight on and quiet ride. Fortified with Stamm 30 to provide the vitamins and minerals sport horses require.

12% protein / 12% fat / 20% fiber


  • Protenza: Formulated with the competition horse in mind, Protenza provides a 20% boost in calories over conventional sweet feeds. It’s ideal for horses who need plenty of calories, but less protein. Fortified with Stamm 30 for optimum levels of vitamins and minerals.

10% protein / 10% fat / 10% fiber


  • MuesliMax: Specifically formulated for performance horses, MuseliMax is a high-energy textured feed that helps your horse maintain his physical edge. Ideal for a horse that needs a boost in energy. Fortified with Stamm 30 to ensure he gets the vitamins and minerals he needs for training.

11% protein / 8% fat / 10% fiber


  • Equibility: A  fully fortified pelleted feed, formulated for the active, mature horse. Manufactured with sources of soluble fiber and vegetable oil, Equibility provides long-lasting energy release and controlled performance. Equibility is calorie-dense, but “non-heating”— perfect for horses that are difficult to handle or mentally too “high.” Fortified with Stamm 30 for optimum levels of vitamins and minerals.

12% protein / 5% fat / 15% fiber