High-Performance Horse Feed

High-Performance Horse Feeds and Electrolytes Whether your horse competes in racing, reining, jumping, polo, or eventing, you likely have an intense training regimen in place. Help fuel that regimen with the nutrients from a high-performance horse feed, along with necessary electrolytes to maintain proper fluid balance. High-Performance Horse Feeds Every horse has unique nutritional needs, […]

Racehorse Feeds

Racehorse Feeds: Made for Performance Our home state, Kentucky, is known for thoroughbred racing. It’s an important piece of our heritage, and at Hallway Feeds, we have a passion for fueling these equine athletes. So we’ve put a lot of research into crafting the very best racehorse feeds. If you’re trying to decide which racehorse […]

Determining the Best Horse Feed this Spring

Best Horse Feed With spring approaching, now is an excellent time to evaluate the feeding program you have in place for your horse. His needs—and therefore, the best horse feed for him—may change for a variety of reasons, including: • The availability of more abundant pasture • An increased level of work/activity • Returning home […]

A Proud Equine Feed Supplier for 50+ Years

Hallway Feeds: The Equine Feed Supplier When Mr. Bob and Mrs. Bonnie Hall started Hallway Feeds in 1964, they couldn’t know the vital role their company would play in fueling future equine athletes. What they did know was they wanted to build a company that horse owners and breeders could rely on for a quality […]

Nutrition Needs for Stallions

Stallion Nutrition With the breeding season upon us, you may be wondering about the nutrition your stallion will need to thrive over the next few months. While all horses are individuals, and you’ll need to consider your horse’s unique situation, we have some general advice for a healthy breeding season. Body Condition An appropriate body […]

Choosing a Sport Horse Feed

Sport Horse Feeds   We’re often asked what feed we recommend for sport horses. The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution; each horse needs to be evaluated for their individual needs. However, as a company that has spent years researching and custom blending feeds, we understand what goes into making a premium sport horse feed […]

Broodmare Nutrition and a Healthy Pregnancy

Broodmare Nutrition A broodmare nutrition program plays a vital role in her foal’s health and development right from conception. If you’re planning to breed mares this season, we have a few general recommendations to share. Body Condition Score Studies show there’s a relationship between body condition and likelihood to conceive. Specifically, mares with a low […]

Is There a Good Horse Feed for Weight Gain?

Horse Feed for Weight Gain Whether you have a hard keeper, you’re transitioning a mare from performance to breeding, or your horse has shunned the late-winter hay you’ve tried to provide, you may be wondering how to promote healthy weight gain this spring. Although there are many good horse feeds for weight gain, we suggest […]

Do You Need a High-Protein Horse Feed?

Do You Need a High-Protein Horse Feed? Protein is a key nutrient in building and repairing tissue. Therefore, many people assume they need a high-protein horse feed if their horse is competing—or even working hard on a farm. While the amount of protein your horse needs will depend on his age and level of activity, […]

High-Quality Colostrum: Essential for a Foal’s Health

High-Quality Colostrum: Essential for a Foal’s Health Foaling season is upon us! If you have a pregnant mare, you’ve spent almost a year monitoring her diet, body condition, and overall health to make sure she has a healthy foal. As she approaches the end of this pregnancy, it’s important to help ensure she’ll produce high-quality […]